COSC 6332 (Graduate Level) and COSC 4332 (Senior undergraduate level)

Medical Robotics and Image Guided Interventions:

Overview of medical robotics; principles of kinematics and control as applied to medical robotic systems; robot registration and sensors; manual control via visual servoing; autonomous operation, safety and control; augmented reality and telemanipulation; Image-based guidance; pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance; real-time imaging based guidance; State of the art commercial and under development medical robotic systems; laparoscopic guidance and basis of laparoscopic surgeries; tele-surgeries.

Semester Offered: Spring '09, Spring '10, Spring '11, Spring '12, Spring '13

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging:

COSC 6370 (Graduate Level) and COSC 4371 (Senior undergraduate level)

Semester Offered: Fall '09, Fall '10, Fall '11, Fall '12, Fall '13

Special Topics in Cyber-Physical Systems:

COSC 6397 (Graduate Level) and COSC 4397 (Senior undergraduate level)

Semester Offered: Spring '10, Spring '11

Fundamentals of medical imaging modalities with emphasis on principles, data collection and reconstruction;  X-rays; Computed Tomgraphy; Ultrasound; Magnetic Resonance Imaging;  Includes projects and simulations of image generation.